The botanical name of peach, “Prunus Persica”, refers to Persia where the peach cultivation was widespread during the ancient time. In Greece, It had been introduced approximately in 300 BC by Alexander the Great who imported the fruit in Europe after the conquest of Persia.

The Region of Imathia has traditionally been at the forefront of peach production in Greece since it has been the place where the organized and professional peach cultivation started in the early 1960’s with the local climate and soil conditions to be proven ideal for peach growing.

Leveraging its privileged location, MESSI COOP produces peaches which are renowned for their premium quality and distinctive for their unique and rich taste as well as for their enduring freshness since they are sorted and packed directly after harvesting.

The regular scientific oversight of the production by our specialized agronomists and technical staff along with rigorous control of the harvesting which takes place only after certain quality measurements constitute two decisive factors for the highest quality of our peaches.