The largest concentration of apple trees in Greece can be found on Mount Vermion in the region of Imathia. Taking advantage of its location, MESSI COOP has positioned apple growing at the frontline of its production along with peaches and kiwis.


The volume of apples that MESSI COOP produces and distributes each year is approximately 2.000 tons, growing year by year.


The production is completely certified at all stages in accordance with Global Gap quality standard, including regular quality measurements as well as rigorous controls that ensure the highest possible quality of our apples.

Our fruits are immediately brought after harvesting to the central facilities of the cooperative where they are sorted and packed according to the needs of each client.


The completely controlled storage conditions (temperature, humidity etc.) of our cold rooms enable us to distribute apples almost throughout the year, maintaining their quality attributes at the highest level.


Our apple production involves the following varieties:


                 Variety          Harvesting Month





Description Net Weight Dimensions Packages/Pallet 100Χ120cm
Wooden Box (single layer) 5kg 50x30x9 168
Wooden Box (loose) 9kg 50x30x15 80
Carton Box

(single layer)

7kg 60x40x9 105
Carton Box


10kg 40x30x19 80



August – October