MESSI COOP is considered among the most significant pear distributors in Greece with a considerable production of around 500 tons per year which comes from the privileged in terms of environmental and soil conditions plain of Imathia.


The vast majority of the production load concerns the “William” variety with our pears to be hand-picked just before the final stage of ripeness and after a series of relative quality controls in order to have the best possible taste.


Our pears are distinguished for their sweet and aromatic taste while at the same time they stand out for their juicy and smooth flesh.


Description Net Weight Dimensions Packages/Pallet 100Χ120cm
Wooden Box (single layer) 5kg 50x30x9 168
Wooden Box (loose) 9kg 50x30x15 80
Carton Box

(single layer)

7kg 60x40x9 105
Carton Box


10kg 40x30x19 80




August – November