MESSI COOP has grown into one of the greatest kiwi producers and distributors in Greece over the past years, producing a volume of around 3.000 kiwis per year.


The vast majority of the production load concerns the renowned “Hayward” variety while a small portion comes from the rising indigenous variety known as “Tselechidis”.


Their special attributes such as the uniform shape, the long shelf life and the intense flavor and taste, have helped our kiwis to stand out.


Thanks to the ideal climate and soil conditions of the region and the implementation of rigorous quality controls throughout the production process, from cultivation and harvesting to packaging and cold storage, our kiwis are distinguished for their quality.


The Kiwis are kept under perfect conditions in our technologically advanced cold storage facilities, maintaining their special quality characteristics (flavor, shape etc.) for an extended period.



October – May



Description Net Weight Dimensions Packages/Pallet 100Χ120cm
Carton Box

(single layer)

5kg 60x40x7 150
Carton Box

(single layer)

3kg 50x30x7 240
Carton Box


9kg 40x30x19 80
Plastic Box 9kg 40x30x20 80
Plastic Box 8kg 50x30x18 80
Carton Box

(10 Punnets)

10x1kg 60x40x14 75
Carton Box

(4 Punnets)

4×1.8kg 60x40x15 75