MESSI COOP produces and distributes more than 5.000 tons of nectarines each year, being ranked as one of the largest producers of nectarines by volume in Greece.

The fertile plain of Imathia has been proven as an ideal place for nectarine growing where our fields and facilities are located.

The distinct climate and soil conditions of the region along with the organized cultivation and the scientific control of both the production and harvesting, are resulted in the production of premium quality nectarines.

Our nectarines are famous for their intense color and smooth and shiny skin as well as for their juicy flesh. These attributes make our nectarines to stand out among competition.

The nectarine production includes the following varieties:


          Variety Harvest Month
Early bomba 4/6
Andriana 6/6
Bing bang 6/6
Rita star 11/6
Aurelio grand 12/6
Rosa daimond 12/6
Laura 13/6
Maria emillia 13/6
May grand 15/6
Weinberger 16/6
Big top 17/6
Alisia 19/6
Ampra 20/6
Silver king 21/6
Caltezi 2000 24/6
Sun free 25/6
Big haven 30/6
Spring bright 2/7
Fire top 3/7
Ali top 5/7
Spring red 7/7
Amiga 11/7
Stark red golg 23/7
Venus 23/7
Fantasia 29/7
Flavortop 29/7
Caltezi 2010 2/8
Morsiani 60 2/8
Orion 4/8
Red dilan 12/8
Swiht lady 23/8
Erika late 23/8
Morsiani 90 29/8
Tasty free 1/9
Caltezi 84 7/9



May – September



Description Net Weight Dimensions Packages/Pallet 100Χ120cm
Wooden Box (single layer) 3.8kg 46x27x9 189
Wooden Box (single layer) 4.5kg 50x30x9 168
Carton Box (single layer) 7kg 60x40x9 105
Carton Box 5kg 40x30x13 150
Wooden Box (loose) 9kg 50x30x15 80
Carton Box


10kg 40x30x19 80
Plastic Box


10kg 40x30x21 80
Plastic Box


10kg 50x30x16 80
Carton Box

(10 Punnets)

10x1kg 60x40x14 75
Carton Box

(13 Punnets)

13×0.5kg 60x40x12 75