Clingstone Peaches

MESSI COOP is famous about its high quality clingstone peaches which are used for the production of industrial products such as canned peaches, peach puree, juice and marmalade.


The cultivation of our clingstone peaches is held with particular care and under the scientific and technical guidance of the experienced staff of the cooperative in the framework of our certified Integrated Crop Management System which is completely aligned with international food safety and quality standards like Global Gap, IS0 9001:2008 and ISO 22000:2005.

Our clingstone peaches constitute a great substance for the production of the highest quality processed peach products.

The clingstone peaches production includes the following varieties:


Ποικιλία  Χαρακτηρισμός Ημ.συγκομιδής
Romea Πρώιμη 1/7
Κατερίνα Πρώιμη 5/7
Fortuna – super fortuna Πρώιμη 12/7
Α-37 Μεσοπρώιμη 16/7
Α-39 Μεσοπρώιμη 18/7
Andross Μέση 1/8
Evert Όριμη 20/8
E-45 Υπερόψιμη 1/9




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